Readers` Poll

Dear Friends,

 To improve our work in 2012, we would be grateful if you could take part in our content and further development poll. Those taking part will automatically be entered in The St Petersburg Times Raffle and the winners will be announced on March 30th, 2012. To take part in the Readers raffle, please answer the questions & complete the form:

1. Why do you read The St. Petersburg Times?

2. How frequently do you read The St. Petersburg Times?

3. What are your favorite sections?

4. What new section of the newspaper would you like to see?

5. Do you agree with the ratio of federal news to local news / exclusive materials?

6. Please evaluate the content of the newspaper from 1 to 10 (1 – the lowest mark, 10 – the highest).

7. Where do you usually pick up your copy of the Times?

8. Would you ever consider placing an advertisement in the Times and how often?

9. What kind of advertising in The St. Petersburg Times could be useful for you?

10. Are you interested in events supported or organized by The St. Petersburg Times?

11. What kind of event could be interesting for you, besides The St Petersburg Times Club Pub Quiz? (such as Russian language / culture evenings, wine tastings, film club, business breakfast with a guest speaker… other events)

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