About Us

The conference department of the English-language newspaper The St. Petersburg Times has been organizing conferences and seminars for managers and specialists from Russian and international companies for more than eight years.

The main criteria in choosing topics for our events are market trends, new technologies and products and promising business development strategies.

Our events offer:

  • An opportunity to communicate information about your company, its products and services to a selected target audience;
  • An opportunity to talk about your company’s most significant and successful projects and to discuss your personal business know-how and technologies;
  • An opportunity to inform clients, stakeholders and participants about the market concerning your company.

The majority of participants in our events are CEOs, general directors and specialists in medium and large-scale developing companies. They are people who like a challenge and are interested in making their business as effective and competitive as possible.

Speeches and presentations given by our guests often include practical business advice, such as authentic case studies and examples of everyday challenges, business processes, strategies and decisions that achieve certain purposes.

The St. Petersburg Times conferences and seminars have a reputation as a valuable source of information for business experts. We invite the St. Petersburg and Moscow business elite to attend, and most participants come to more than one conference.
Our attendees choose our events because of the many practical benefits and advice they receive, and because of the high standards that we set ourselves as a non-negotiable condition of our work.

If you have any questions about business events, advertising, sponsorship or expert participation, please contact us.
Alexandra Cherchik – Head of Business Conferences Department
Tatyana Natarova – Conference Department Manager
Tel/fax: (812) 325-60-80
E-mail: conference@sptimes.ru

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